WATCH: Beatnik in a fallout shelter breaks orphan's cigar box guitar (1964)


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I’m glad the article summarizes the events in the film - I was too afraid to watch after the opening warning text, since I’m not a Trained Shelter Management Instructor.


Charlene: What’s with him?

Joanne: He says he’s a protest cat.

Maynard G. Krebs: Yeah, that’s right! I’m protestin’, cats all over the world are protestin’, My whole social group is, like, protestin’! We’re angry young men, and we’re all protestin’!

Charlene: And what is it that you angry young men are so angry about?

Maynard G. Krebs: I dunno… and that’s why I’m such an angry young man!


I was surprised that the army went with casting an African-American as the shelter science officer(geiger counter dude) back in '64. Thanks for this, I have a sick fascination with nukewar fiction having grown up toward the end of the cold war.


This film could easily get the MST3K treatment, but I love it that the article approaches it without any sense of irony. There’s good reason for this film to occupy a special place in Mr. Hartzer’s heart. The fact that it was submitted at Cannes is just icing on the cake.


You can get an certificate online from any reputable Shelter Management Training School.

And from some less reputable ones.

If you really want a surrealistic experience, turn the volume down a bit and turn on the closed captioning…

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