Watch this intense film about a Russian steelworker

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This is a masterclass in undermining the fantastic narrative and subject with a terrible choice in music. (Not that it shouldn’t ever be used, but that it doesn’t fit.)

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More master class in propaganda. “This is my job, and I don’t need anything else”.

The production budget is off the charts in this short.

No journalists were harmed during the production.

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I have to wonder how many years working in such a mephitic environment takes off the life of even the most careful and diligent worker.


I worked in a BOF and a coke oven in the early 70s (Bethlehem Steel - Burns Harbor plant) for about a year and a half. It is hot, dirty, hard on the body and mind. When I was working there, Pink Floyd had come out with -

I hated coming home everyday and wiping the dust and grit off my neck and face. Finally decided to get the hell out or face doing that for the rest of my life…


The footage is gorgeous, but it doesn’t really show what he does… wastes a ton of time looking at molten steel, and we never see the thing he actually makes. I want more content.

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Nicely produced and fun to watch, but my propaganda alarm started ringing about halfway through when that action movie music started to go full blast.

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