Video: Vintage synths of Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO)



That was really cool. Thanks for sharing.

Before I die-a, I’ll get another piece of PAiA…

In addition to the excellent subject and subject matter, I have to say the production of this film is just right. No fancy lighting, no graphics, no crazy cut scenes, no fuzzy-to-focused shots, no tilted shots, no narration, no additional emotional-cue music, that’s is, it’s not like This American Life in film. When someone is being interviewed or telling their story, I just want to see and hear the damn person; maybe a few un-edited photographs or video clips for context. I don’t need any of the extra techno-jiggery. It’s too distracting and inevitably feels too much like an injection of the producer or director’s point of view.


There is just one kinda big problem with this film; every thing you mentioned I agree with, though: It’s much too short. It could have easily been half an hour long, an hour long… They way it is now its four minutes or so felt like twenty seconds! Really nice production.

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also: swoon

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From the modern file: Korg has a new fancy tube for its synths: Blog » Innovative Vacuum Tube: the Nutube

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If the audiophiles can cause minor renaissance of vacuum tubes, and emergence of new types like this one, it validates their existence.

…what about some high-freq vacuum tubes that’d be inherently immune against voltage spikes? These things can withstand what those deep-submicron sized silicon structures wouldn’t cope with, without permanent damage.
Would be great for input stages of oscilloscopes and other data acquisition devices in pulsed-power hardware…

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