Watch Björk in a TV special when she was 11 years old


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Björk for President.



She’s cute, until you see her eyes.


Santa sounds just like he’s talking in reverse. Bjork’s voice still sounds exactly the same.
Oh, and you shouldn’t let poets lie to you.


… of the World, I assume



Her voice sounds ever-so-slightly pitch-shifted to me, but otherwise the same.


Instantly recognizable.


What is this gibberish coming out of their mouths?!


She can be even cuter when her eyes see you. Try not to fall in!


Those are the eyes of the preborn, a child awoken in the womb from the throes of spice agony and burdened with the ancestral memories of a thousand lifetimes.


Yea, that’s what I figured. Either that, or Magic Eight Balls.

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