Watch: Boy hangs from edge of Table Mesa chairlift after slipping off the edge

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It’s strange to me that he has both feet in his bindings. clearly he wasn’t sitting properly on the chair and the lift operator at the bottom should have insisted he take a foot out to safely use the chair.

This type of situation is something I’m always worried about with my kids on the lift and I’m super happy he was ok.


Reminds of these quick thinking lads from a couple years back


I HATED using the ski lifts when I went skiing. Shitty leg not helping, but hated the speed and difficulty getting on and off - at least for a noob gimp like myself.

Once on board - I do not like heights.


I went skiing for the first time in years – I went all the time as a kid – and man, the chairlifts gave me the willies (the heights, getting on off is fine for me)

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I’d wager that most Canadians have never heard of Table Mountain. Google tells us it’s in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. I didn’t know Saskatchewan had mountains! The google hit says it’s “Saskatchewan’s Best Ski Hill” which implies there is more than one! I’ve got to get out more.

Saskatchewan - stand on a chair and watch your dog run away for days.


yeah, i was thinking the same thing. how did he get on that way without a lift operator seeing him? glad he’s ok though.

It blows my mind that lifts are still so lacking in modern safety features.


It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he slipped after putting the loose foot in the binding while on the chair, thinking he would be prepared for getting off.


Yep, I’ve been on thousands of lift rides and fallen off once (seat was icy and I slipped right off). Luckily it was low to the ground at the time, and there was plenty of snow, but damn if chairlifts aren’t 70’s danger style technology today!


Even if he got by a lift attendant he’s still responsible for his own safety. Skiing is not an amusement park. Anyone who thinks otherwise is gonna have a bad time.


From my own time on the slopes as a kind and as an adult, this looks like part of a spectrum of unsafe behavior of rich kids who hit the slopes every weekend. Some mix of privilege and feeling invincible because they are a kid who is skilled at snowboarding/skiing.

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Yeah, that’s a good way to get compound fractures of both your legs, and then get eaten by wolves.

Or so I’ve heard.

:joy: We used to say the tourism slogan was “See Saskatchewan! Stand on a chair!”

We also used to call it God’s Pool Table. I am similarly shocked to learn there is a ski hill there and am imagining it must not be much of one.

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