Watch: Bully pelican lands in seats at Pepperdine graduation ceremony, then snaps at people near red carpet


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This guy is worse than the alt-right swan that keeps attacking cars on my street…


Swans, like geese, are evil little creatures.


Birds got 'pinions.



This is a horrible example of bigotry and discrimination towards a blended family. Those pelicans were there to see their adopted daughter get her diploma in fisheries management and instead of being allowed to enjoy the happy day, they faced harassment and threats of violence from humans who thought a college graduation ceremony should be a hominid only event.


I wouldn’t call them little, but yeah. Mean as they are beautiful.

In it’s defense, I think that particular swan has a mate who is currently sitting on a nest, so that’s probably why it’s gotten so aggressive. Literally tries to peck all the cars that drive by.


Where’s the good guy with the bucket of rocks?


The amazing bird show:

(The first ten seconds)


Second worst part of College graduation, the first being massive debt.


First the pelican, then the albatross.


"Keep going, keep going!"

That’s my line when I have a hangover.


Anna’s Hummingbirds have returned to our neighborhood. Big fun to watch (and the fledglings are super-cute), but they are VERY aggressive. First time we put up the feeder near the front door, one little bugger hanging around zipped right up to me (being too near the feeder), went “Peeep!!”, then rocketed off. (Napoleonic Complex?)


Pelicans and Swan are mean birds with nasty dispositions but neither have the dagger sharp knife beak that a Heron has. A Heron will harpoon a human caught fish from a bag or bucket faster than you can blink. It’s scary when you don’t see them sneak up behind you. It’s a miracle that people are not injured by them more often.


You can’t spell “pelican” without “I can.”


Smol critters dun give a fugg. :3


Lots of police in suits there… Also looks like the wing got injured banging into a leg.

As well, spotted ONE Black dude in the graduating class, and 4 Asian’ish in front row - other than that it was ALL White folks.


1:08 “Jason Richard Bird, magna cum laude”


west coast native tradition says that pelicans carry the spirits of the recently deceased. maybe someone decided to attend that graduation regardless of mortal inconveniences.


Nobody wanted to go Hogwarts on the ceremony, right?


This reminds me of a really awkward ceremony I once attended where a Argentavis magnificens swooped down and flew off with the Dean.