Watch car on highway spin out of control as graceful as an Olympic ice skater

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After a bit of googling on Lantana road…
I can say nice recovery there Florida Man.


Very good recovery.

But (Mr. Contrarian here)… he didn’t signal his first lane change and that’s what led to the mess to begin with.

And, after he had recovered, he made another lane change with no signal (I’ll give him a pass on that one, since he was probably sitting in a pile of his poo at that point).


Psssh. It was just a bog-standard four point lane change, come on.


So many pants must have been ruined.


I love the way he starts this whole thing by just sort of drifting into the other lane - without signaling and apparently without seeing the car he was cutting off. I’d rather that guy wasn’t behind the wheel at all.


given it was a compact car, I am surprised they didn’t tear a tire away from the rim. Notoriously, people who own those vehicle types will purchase the cheapest (i.e. worst quality) tires.

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The spin was started by turning back into the lane where they began their unsignaled lane change. If they made a competent “emergency lane change” they would not have spun the car at all. In fact that sudden return lane change was unnecessary, but if they had situational awareness they would not have changed lanes in the first place.

I give them a D.


I heard once, third-hand from a stunt driver, that if a car in front of you in the same lane loses control then you might be best off staying in that lane. The car is much more likely to leave your lane than stay in it.


Google identifies the exit as being in Florida, so there’s that…

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I spun a Porsche 914* like a top once, and I’m sure it looked awesome to anyone nearby… but in reality the car was completely uncontrolled by me, I just got really lucky. Ended up in the same lane I started from, too.

Later I got really unlucky in the same car, but nobody was killed and I survived with only a few major scars.

* for those unfamiliar with the vehicle, it was a very light weight mid-engine sports coupe with a volkswagen bus engine in it. Mine cost under $1500.


If we’re placing blame here, let’s give at least some to Mr. Passing on the right. While the no signal lane change is bad form it’s equally, if not more, douchey to be passing the herd on the right.


Not sure what the law is in Florida, but in Michigan the (incredibly stupid!) law is that if there are >2 lanes in your direction you can pass in any lane. So it’s basically a free for all :astonished:

I bet that law was enacted because the legislators were sick-n-tired of people who drive slow in the passing lane. Oregon just passed the law of “move right for slower traffic” - uh huh! That’ll help…

(sheesh! I’m being Mr. Grumpy Pants here today…)

or, as we like to call them in Europe, a ‘car’.


Oh totally. As an experienced driver and bike commuter my mantra is hold your line. You can’t get into as much trouble that way. Far better to brake your way out of trouble.

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Here in Australia we drive on the left so the signs will be reversed. But in my experience drivers who display those signs are the first to tell bike riders in front of them that they should be passing the vehicle ahead of the bike on the “Suicide”.

That driver got lucky, and ones around him doubly so!

Here in Denver, the middle lane of our 3 lane highways has become the defacto “slow” lane, with cars entering the middle lane directly from the entrance ramps, and often exiting from the middle lane in one swoop, no signal used. Either no one can use the right lane at all bc of this, or (what really happens) is that people pass the middle lane on the right side.

Often the middle lane seems to be the Texting lane, the driving 20mph under the speed of other traffic lane, and the Blatantly smoking marijuana lane.

Yeah, I realize this is partly a geographic variable, but “left to pass only” doesn’t really work if you live in a region where left exits from highways are relatively common, like in Massachusetts

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