Watch: Cat checks out new toy and lets her human know exactly what she thinks

I have almost never given my cat a toy that he preferred to the box it came in.


When my son was about 6 or 7 years old, our cat went missing and he wanted to help find her. He thought about the problem for awhile and then went into the garage and got a big cardboard box and set it out in front of the house. I said to him,
"that’s a great idea but we’re just looking for one cat and not every cat in the neighborhood. "
We both agreed that that was a small flaw in an otherwise brilliant plan.



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Cat goes and shits in the box that the toy came in.

“And now you cannot return it to torment felinekind”

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Have you ever tried the Cat Dancer toy? In my experience, most cats LOVE it. I’ve given them for gifts, and get big thank-yous. Inexpensive, and worth many times the price in cat enjoyment.

It’s a simple piece of springy wire with twisted cardboard bits on each end. You hold the end with the single bit on it, and with very little movement of your wrist or fingers, the end with the several bits will bounce and flit around in the air like a moth. Or you can do sweeping motions, or slowly drag it on the floor. Or attach it to something and let the cat amuse itself.

I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever; I just heartily recommend this toy for cats.

It’s hard to choose a video, so here’s a few:

And, only because BoingBoing is an Amazon affiliate, here’s an Amazon link:


Cute! I’m going to check that out.

A while ago I took a class where we had to dissect owl pellets, and the cats were CRAZY about the (sterilized) pellet. I’ve since thought about buying some just to hang somewhere for them for a holiday present at some point, but haven’t done it yet.


Seriously, while I can’t guarantee that every cat, or your/anyone’s cat in particular, will love it, I have yet to meet a cat that didn’t take an interest. The erratic movements seem to awaken the hunting and playing instinct in the cats, more so than any toy I’ve ever known. One friend who was caring for an older sedentary cat who wouldn’t do anything, said the cat perked up like magic. If your experience is anything like mine you may find yourself wanting to get some extras so you can give them away to everyone you know who has a cat.

I wish I knew more about the company and the people (like, e.g., their politics) since I’m always recommending the product. I do know that their factory is solar-powered. And that they’ve been making this toy for decades—someone gave me one in the 1980s when I had a cat, and I’ve been giving them to other people ever since.


That would appear to be a garrote. Good job cats don’t have thumbs.



Your mind works in mysterious ways, GilbertWham, but I like you.



They do have mouths, and after mine disposed of the cardboard on the end and was left with nothing but sharp metal bits, that toy was “retired.” Had a similar issue with a fishing pole toy that had fake fish dipped in catnip. Kitty went nuts as I started reeling in the fish, got her paws tangled up in the fishing line (don’t need thumbs for that, toes will do), and another toy bit the dust. Lucky for me, she always liked boxes best…




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