Watch classically-trained musician Flavor Flav playing the piano

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That’s real cool, wonder if he’s ever released stuff outside of hip hop


I don’t even think it’s fair to say that he didn’t “hit every note”. The worst I would say is that his pitch drifted slightly throughout the whole performance - something I think a majority of people wouldn’t even notice. If he’d had some instrumental backup I guarantee he would have “hit every note” - he clearly has enough vocal range and can sing in tune. Solo a capella is hard.

He’s not exactly a great singer, but he is most definitely a musician.


A Wil Drayton Jr album of smooth and funky piano could be enjoyable.


Maybe apocryphal, but I heard Public Enemy had been offered several record contracts on the condition they lose Flav. They’d always reply ‘but he’s the only one of us who knows anything about music’


He put some heart into it, and clearly had been practicing. The rest is aesthetics. He knows well enough what he considers musical or not, but at least he didn’t phone it in.

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My favorite version… through the b’night.

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