Watch clips from Breathe, a lovely "water opera" in a pool

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Watch, captivated, as this cellist in a wetsuit exerts every ounce of his considerable willpower in order to keep a straight face.

Water is bad for cellos… celli? I hope that one is disposable, but it looks like a nice custom job.

Also, I suppose “opera” doesn’t have to imply singing, but it usually does. I wanted to see singers gargling up music bubbles!

This is the clip of Breathe I like to watch…

RIP Kieth :frowning:


Interesting. And, with that, here follows a mini-compilation of breath related artsy-tunes:

Not sure why I’m posting this, other than to say breathing is a good thing to engage in, and so is art.

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I want this opera to be performed in the open ocean, preferably, in an area known to be proximate to various whale species path of travel.

And then I want to see the operatic Breathe video of that.

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