Watch Colbert interview Eminem on public access TV

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There is a saying “As lost as an octopus in a garage”. Eminem is THAT lost in the interview, he ask like three times if it is a serious interview or not.

-Can I perform it now?
-No, we are out of time


I wonder if Stephen is trying out his Stephen Colbert character, minus his political animus. It felt like he was in character, especially during the Eminem segment.

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Of course Em knows what’s going on, he’s playing it deadpan but it’s pretty brilliant.

It’s showbiz, folks.


As a Michigander by birth, I enjoyed this.

There are a few times where he seems on the edge of cracking up, but suppresses it. I’m voting “knowing participant” rather than the other usual option “So f-ed up that he barely realizes where he is”.

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