Watch Colbert interview Eminem on public access TV


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Stephen Colbert hosts 'Only in Monroe' on Michigan cable access

There is a saying “As lost as an octopus in a garage”. Eminem is THAT lost in the interview, he ask like three times if it is a serious interview or not.

-Can I perform it now?
-No, we are out of time


I wonder if Stephen is trying out his Stephen Colbert character, minus his political animus. It felt like he was in character, especially during the Eminem segment.


Of course Em knows what’s going on, he’s playing it deadpan but it’s pretty brilliant.

It’s showbiz, folks.


As a Michigander by birth, I enjoyed this.


There are a few times where he seems on the edge of cracking up, but suppresses it. I’m voting “knowing participant” rather than the other usual option “So f-ed up that he barely realizes where he is”.


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