Watch COVID-19 cases go from 0 to 10 million in this shocking timelapse

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I have been following this quite closely, but I honestly didn’t realise the global death rate was that bad.
I recall a consensus forming around 2% when the virus appeared in China.


A complete shutdown of air traffic would have been a good thing.

Still might be.


American exceptionalism.


Indeed we do.


In Italy, what happened was that the hospitals and GP got saturated, so a percentage of cases of COVID with mild symptoms didn’t register because no test were made.
I have a relative that had COVID and the only advice was a phone call from the GP saying to get a lot of paracetamol. He and wife got an antibodies test and that showed they both got COVID, and the wife didn’t have any symptom.

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Spot the misuse of the word “epicentre”. That’s NOT what it means, journos!

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I can’t be 100% sure given how inconsistently stats tend to get reported, but if I understand correctly, this video is using confirmed cases, whereas the 2% number is based on probable or estimated total cases. Confirmed cases tend to be more severe, mild cases don’t usually lead to testing in most places.

@Fred_Cairns expecting journalists to know what they’re talking about when writing about anything technical is not a path that leads to sanity. I have no idea what to do about it, unfortunately.


Madagaskar really was one of the last to get infected.

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