Watch cute babies try winter Olympic sports


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How could they do this?? BB has always been such a strong supporter of the IOC!


The IOC: squeezing out every last penny…

In 2012, I was working at a travel company in London. Our lawyers sat us down to lecture us on the meaning of an act of parliament that meant we could not have any sales or promotions which could be construed in any way to mean we were an official sponsor. They gave us a list of words and phrases the use of which would be subject to fines. These included “games”, “2012”, “gold”, “summer”, and others.


Yeah, fuck the IOC anyway.


Were the babies tested for performance cuteness enhancing drugs?


I question the comedic timing. Infantile effort.


I can’t see the video. Did they throw any off the ski jump?



Defenestration :open_mouth:



Love me some Glove and Boots, but Mario is mispronouncing it.

It’s de-fe-nes-strate, not de-fen-strate.


Well, that’s Mario!


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