Watch: Diners have a grand old time eating while wet at a flooded cafe in Thailand

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Humanity really is acting like a frog that placed into an ever increasingly hot pot of water when it comes to this whole climate change thing huh?


Hey, when you need to wash your hands after the meal, just dip’em in the water, so convenient.

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“Hey isn’t this fun?”

“Where’s the finger bowl?”
“All around you sir”

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That water can’t be at all clean, can it? I’d definitely want to wear hip waders

I once lived in Central America and lived in a touristy little beach town. One fine day, it began raining, and didn’t stop. I went to work and all was fine, until it started flooding. The first place to flood was the very small dining room, which was lower than the outside. There were no restrooms for customers, but there was a shower stall off that little dining room, and it was one big urinal. Super classy!

Anyway, once the water was high enough to flood into that shower stall / urinal, it became clear that I was walking through (basically) what you would find in a septic tank. By this time, outside had standing water too.

I was not in charge, I made $1 per hour to wait tables. My cohort got $1 an hour to run the register. It wasn’t a fair distribution of labor, but it was the way it was done. That guy was cool, we walked home together most nights because he lived close to where I did, and he was never ever creepy to me or anyone. Top notch dude.

He agreed that this wasn’t going to work, and we kicked everybody out. The customers were pissed, but they were sitting on high stools and I was walking around in piss water, so I didn’t back down. Dude had my back, and we walked home through the torrential rain.

All that to say, I’m concerned about the workers. SOME have rubber books? Only SOME? Walking around in flood water isn’t safe. I realize I came from a place of privilege that I didn’t destroy my financial life by prioritizing our safety, and poverty really makes some decisions untenable, but fuck.


I came here to say this and found that @clevermi got here first. I grew up in the Mississippi/Missouri river basin. Flood waters are full of all the crap that people normally dump in the ground, everything from outhouses and septic tank contents to industrial waste and poisons, and random animal carcasses floating about. Floodwaters are not something you want to walk in, sit near, or inhale the vapors from, nor do you want to iive or dine in a place where the walls and rugs have been saturated with the stuff. Keep your feet protected and your antibiotics close.


The south of Thailand is a tropical monsoon climate. I’m going to guess they know more about their own environment than those who hail from the Mighty Mississippi.

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Try our new Hot Pot now with extra Cholera!

They must not have fire ants in the area.
Or leeches.

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