Watch Disney's film about venereal diseases (1973)

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As good a time as any to trot out "Time to Kill (1945) with Bones McCoy and Superman, as well as Betty White. Sailors discuss life after WW2.


I have something like 6 hours on illicit DVD of these Diz Educational flicks. Everything from the Keenan Wynn narrated VD film you’ve posted (which I actually saw first hand in of all places at the Queensland State Fair in Brisbane Oz in 1972 or so), to the importance of sanitation in small South American villages, to an all time classic, ‘The Story Of Menstruation’ as sponsored by Kimberly Clarke.
When I was a lad in the early 1960s our elementary class would cheer when a Disney Education film was unspooled.
I can still hear Cliff Edwards warbling as Jiminy Cricket trilling away,
“I’m no fool, nosiree,
I’m gonna live to a hundred and three,
Coz I play it safe for you and me,
Yes, I’m no fool.”
Until ‘it’s a small world’ (proper style is all lower case) came along, this one was my all time catchiest ear worm.
Those Disney educational films are definitely worth a deep dive for the harder core fan.


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