WATCH: Dog and parrot battle over yogurt container


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And it never even occurs to Pochi that he could snap the little guy’s neck like a twig - and he’s probably even tastier than yoghurt.

Would you kill a sibling for a cup of yogurt? Pochi and Polly have been together since the early days.

Hmmm… what flavor? I mean no, of course not!


Question is, do they each want it because they like yogurt, or do they want it simply because the other one has it?

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Wolf and Dinosaur battle over Airag!!!

I have an amazon and a macaw, and they are the pettiest, most jealous animals on earth, so my vote is that it is equal parts desire for the yogurt container and keeping it away from the other one that fuels this skirmish, from the bird’s perspective. Dogs are usually more straightforward, so “tastes good” is probably all or almost all of his motivation.

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