Chicken vs. corgi


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Sigh. The eternal problem of knowing when your little ones’ playing has tipped over to fighting proper. Chicken and Corgi look like playmates. Duck looks like it means it.


I cry foul.


The duck is the referee. “Round over. Back to your corner.”


The corgi likes disco dancing, and is trying to get the chicken to do The Bump with him.


I don’t mean this as a vegan tirade (I’m not vegan), but I see three cute animals playing w/ each other, understanding it is play, and showing different personalities, yet we spare the dog and keep it as a pet and eat the other two…


OK, I’ll bite: Where do you draw the line and why?


i don’t know the answer. it just seems sad. there is no answer, I guess, but to accept it.


I love the Corgi’s body slams!
But the Fowl have it figured out with one go high, and one go low technique.


Tasty / not tasty. Pretty self-explanatory, I think.


Next time, on “When Corgi’s Attack!”


Do not mess with Bantams. Feckin velociraptors.


We also keep chickens as pets and eat dogs, though there’s not much meat on a corgi.


Danger Butt


I’m pretty sure the dog is the only one there who understands the situation as play. The chicken is annoyed, and it’s going for the eyes. If that was my dog I’d want to call it off before I ended up with a hefty vet’s bill and a half-blind dog.

So far as I’m aware chickens (and ducks) have no instinct for play. A newly hatched chicken can fend for itself from the day it hatches; everything is instinct, they have almost nothing to learn so there’s no need for play.

I do sort of agree with the sentiment though. When people tell me they wouldn’t eat a dog because they’re too intelligent, I tell them they’ve obviously never met a pig.


And then there’s rabbits, which are both pet and food.


The birds were crying foul, as the Corgi made them dog-tired.

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