Watch: 'Dogs' trailer for Netflix docuseries brings us heartwarming dog stories the world needs right now


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I’m crying already


Its a tragedy this isnt’ called Doggos or H*ckin’ Good Bois



The Dogening [might be better for the sequel]


Added “run through rolling hills with pack of three dozen dogs” to my bucket list :heart_eyes:


Looks good, if the music doesn’t ruin it

gol durned anthemic hipster background dreck wrecking documentaries…podcasts…mutter…mutter


In case anyone needs more crying.


And in case that’s too much crying for one day, here is a reset video


Interesting, but as both a cat person and a dog person, it does kind of get cats wrong. Cats are solo play PC’s who only have ambush attacks, so their dealings with humans is more like a James Bond with M, whereas the dog is a full team play PC, and needs to be part of a party to properly perform. This can be with one human in close coordination, or scale all the way up to large packs (think platoon level tactics) with humans giving only mission objectives.

Cats make good perimeter defence for eliminating saboteurs for a ridiculously low cost. Dogs are much better at team members, but also have a higher maintenance cost.


Cats are Rogues and dogs are Bards.


Lump in my throat, eyes watering. It’s mostly because Zeus and his human are apart.


They’re ready for the popcorn. But I’m not sure where I’m going to sit.


You clearly understand the meta!

:cat: :dog: :slightly_smiling_face:


Well said!


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