Watch: Endoscopic video of beatboxer's larynx and throat

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The marvelous mechanics of meat machinery laid bare, in all its juicy detail.

Doctors do have some of the coolest toys. Time to see if I can get a nose cam off Amazon…

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this guy was the best beatboxer I ever saw live

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I’m curious what it took to get the video (cost, persuasion, etc.).
I’m going in for a sinus endoscopy next month, and I’d love to see video for myself, if they’d let me.

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In all my various phonetics classes over the years, I lived in fear that we’d be exposed on any given day to footage like this. Human speech is a wonderful thing. But I don’t want to look at glottises. [Giant, full-body shudder]

There are a few other orifices which BoingBoing could cover…in the interests of science and jounalism.

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