Watch: Every year since 2017, Trump has led his CPAC crowd in chanting "lock her up"

Because they think it’s tacky?

Because they associate it with personality cults and anti-democratic mass political movements?


the year is 2066. the place, a large floating platform above the sunken city of miami.
the brain-in-a-jar of the mighty lord trump floats in a cloudy orange vat at the lectern. electronic speakers carry his voice: “lock her up! lock her up!” the mostly elderly cyborg crowd resounds.
in the back, a young 68-year-old neophyte inquires, “who exactly is ‘her,’ anyway?”
the answer comes at once. “it’s a metaphor, you moran.”
satisfied, the youngster raises his vuvuzela to join in the revelry that has erupted. fedoras fly in the air as plastic straw confetti blasts from cannons over the vast, dead ocean. the shriveled, sequined husk of kid rock solemnly leads the crowd in the national anthem, lee greenwood’s “gob bless the u.s.a.”


we come from the earth
we return to the earth
and in between
we garrrrrden


eh ?? i’m just going to watch the hypnotoad for a while , first - - - - - - - - - - – instead

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I’d believe it. Clinton isn’t even political relevant anymore, and if she was going to be charged with Trumped-up charges by a captured Justice Department, would have been during the last four years. The crowd ain’t shouting it because they’re trying to point out a failure of the Trump administration to act. So it’s clearly not about her. It’s just shorthand for “jail our political enemies,” and expressing an approval for a fascist approach to power.


It’s still an if, and it won’t go down without a fight.


I’d rather be half people, half sheep than half piano-half man in Billy Joel’s horrorscape.

Because they have the sensibility of these barnyard animals:


I guess the divide between El Hefty and Ivanka has really gotten bad.

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Tacky? Or is it more accurate to say, “low-class”?

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I see what you did there.

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