Trump could be put in jail for his attacks on NFL players


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Ah, if only this happened.


The third question, let’s take this in parts. Is he in a position of honor? Hmmm, doen’t feel like it… of trust? Yikes, i mean, it used to be… Profit? Ok yeah, that one.


He will never be impeached or held accountable for ANYTHING. EVER.



He won’t go to jail — he’s a rich white celebrity.

So, maybe rehab?



And more than that, a rich white male POTUS. I’m convinced that the worst he might suffer is being put out to pasture to wallow in his billions.


Does this extend to official acts used in protest? Like, say, a V.P. flying to a game only to show disrespect for one of the teams in an attempt to sway their private decisions?

We have plenty on Trump, lets get Pence first.


Buttery Males!



Hot take: President Ronnie McD added to the list of people I’d rather see in the White House…


The “solely” language is read very restrictively by the Courts. This just doesn’t get you anywhere I’m afraid. First, “Partisan political affiliation” means association with a political organization, not a political position.

Here we go: a 6th Circuit case from 2014. Technodyne v. US

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Sigh. Could be but, won’t.



Actually no, he couldn’t be put in jail based on that section of the US Code. That section is intended to prevent public officers from using political party as the basis for granting favors or punishment to private entities. It’s a good government piece intended to limit the impact of parties on governance. Nice try, I wish it would work but it’s simply not relevant to Trump’s comments on the NFL.


Yup. And even if it was applicable, it would never stick. That time is better spent fishing for bigger fish, namely the midterm elections.




What every it takes. May we can get him on tax evasion.


Such a wonderful fantasy… I’m going to daydream about this for days.