GOP's Michael Steele on how to gag Donald Trump: "Put his a** in jail!" (video)

Originally published at: Michael Steel on Trump: Put his ass in jail


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I hate to say I agree with any republican, but I definitely agree with his advice on this matter.


Broken clock yada-yada-yada. Steele, to his credit, had been pretty anti-Trump for a long time. He and John Kasich have probably been the most consistent anti/never Trumpers in the GOP.


I’ll give him credit here, but like almost every “responsible” Republican he helped pave the way for what he now deplores long before 2015.


Yes jail but, be prepared for fast track to martyrdom. This will convince QMAGA that their cause is a noble one.

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That doesn’t change anything in their brainwashed minds. Toss his ass in jail and wait for a Meal Team Six crew to get themselves shot trying to do a jailbreak.


Maybe, but there isn’t really anyone with his grip on the GOP. There will be plenty of wannabes - pretty much all the other candidates for the nomination are hoping that he will be jailed and/or die and they can grab the wheel and take over the monstrous machine he has created.

So far none of them shows the least capacity to take that over with any effectiveness.

I actually think that the post-Trump GOP will fracture and spend a decade in the wilderness. The sooner the better. But I definitely want Trump to be convicted before he inevitably dies of natural causes.

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Given that QMAGA already believe their cause is a noble one and that Trump is some sort of messiah being held back by the deep state, that seems like an incredibly small price to pay.


Yet again proving the oft-repeated Republican “tWo JuStIcE sYsTeMs~!!” talking point, although not in the way they are trying to indicate.

Judges and prosecutors are just bending over backwards into pretzels to give Trump the kind of deference and preferential treatment that anybody else would get laughed out of the courtroom for even suggesting.

He gets to tamper with witnesses and prospective jurors, and also gets to show overt contempt of court. He gets to criss-cross the country on his private jet holding rallies despite having almost 100 felony indictments. He gets to slander prosecutors, court staff, judges, and witnesses. He gets to spout violent rhetoric against prosecutors, court staff, judges, and witnesses. All because he’s a presidential candidate, something notable for not being protected by the Constitution. Two justice systems, indeed.

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… didn’t keep Eugene Debs out of jail

or Lyndon LaRouche either IIRC :thinking:


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