Watch: First trailer for Tom & Jerry, the live action film

It looks to be a live-action film with a couple of cartoon characters in it.

If Guardians of the Galaxy counts as a “live-action” film then so does this.


Roger Rabbit did it better.


It does look like that. But the 2 cartoon characters are the stars of the film. That makes a big difference. I also didn’t like the recent Smurfs ‘in the real world’ movies being called Live-Action because the movies depended on fully animated main characters.

I do think CGI heavy movies like GoG should be thought of as something other than proper LIve-Action; I don’t know what, but something hybrid. I remember watching “Man of Steel” and thinking it was probably 40% animated. I think the artists and techs who made that happen should be acknowledged from the get go.

But those movies’ CGI is trying to look Live-Action whereas Tom and Jerry are literal cartoon characters in this movie. That’s very different imo.

I think most people are smart enough to realize that this movie employed the efforts of animators rather than animal trainers no matter what label is applied to it.

I actually teach animation and I’m not offended if anyone calls this a “live action” movie.


If this doesn’t have Squeeze’s “Cool for Cats” covered in a minor key at quarter speed on piano, does it even count as being a trailer?

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That is crossing the line, this is a xtian country: violence is entertaining and funny, communism is bad, and sex is gross. Even boinboing won’t show dicks, in an article about 9 weird animal penises. :grinning:


I don’t thiink of them as a kids show per se. And the violence isn’t real, because all the damage done in one frame is magically gone in the next.
The best part of the Fred Quimby productions was the pure fluidity of the action, backed by a matching orchestral score every step of the way. It was all nonsense, but boy was it beautiful nonsense!


That may be so, however it was broadcast in slots where people expected a kids show, and it was watched by more kids than adults.

It still sends a message that differences in opinion or need are best expressed through violence, and that violence is fun.

So that is one expression of a culture that is built on violence, and it perpetuates violence.

I’m all for nonsense and weird stuff, but I always wondered why people who are able flawlessly execute on this crap can’t come up with better and more engaging stories. It seems like the simplest part.

By making this into an art form people were actively engaging in harming peaceful coexistence and equality. No wonder that crap was also full of racial and sexual stereotypes.

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Uncle Tom and Jerry…


It is weird. But also …ehhh, how to put this. It is a very human kind of weird thing to expose children to as comedy? “Two creatures being violently mean to each other just for the sake of it” describes a lot of physical comedy. Outside of animation, The Three Stooges come to my mind, and I’m pretty sure they’re cribbing their slapstick and pratfall material from vaudeville, same as Tom and Jerry. Outside the U.S. you have Punch and Judy which dates back to god knows when and while I can’t cite specifics I remember similar physcal humor in an old form of Japanese theater ( Kyōgen? ) …which means it can probably be found in traditional Chinese theater, too.

Um, this movie looks like butt, though. I think getting to think about this stuff is probably going to be the limit of my involvement with it.


You may be interested to know that in addition to doing so much on the animated cartoons, Quimby also found the time to sign a daily Tom & Jerry strip.

Okay, to be fair, he probably signed it once.

Okay, to be fair, they probably lifted his signature because he couldn’t be bothered.


Seems to be an animation jam with each taking a sequential shot from a really awful late Woody cartoon, employing the Spanish dub.

I guess I like it.

edited to add: I just posted the cartoon at my Twitter with a brief credit.


It’s a cultural thing, so we can simply chose to end it.

As a kid i grew up watching these kinds of cartoons and while i enjoyed them i do have to say that there’s been much better cartoon shows made for kids since. I do think there’s some gems for these types of old shows with some worthwhile episodes here and there but overall i don’t think they need to be forced on kids. There’s a lot of quality stuff for them to watch.


Hm. It’s certainly ok to want to end the discussion but I’m not sure I agree with that statement. And you don’t have to agree with me, but here’s my take if you’re curious.

The vector ( a crap movie about cats and mice ) is cultural, certainly, but I think the impulse to laugh at misfortune is an evolutionary trait. As such I don’t think it can or will go away until a dramatically more advantagous means of learning supercedes it.

We are by nature learning creatures and benefit by instruction from an early age. Seeing someone hurt teaches us not to do a thing ourselves. Learning not to engage in harmful behavior at a young age benefits survival. Creating ficticious setups for the learning environment is better than depending on a real emergency, so we get plays/movies/media. Seeing harmful things happen generates stress, and laughter is a way of processing/releasing stress.


Citation needed. Even if it were, we are free to chose how we handle that, both as an individual and as a society.

I don’t think kids would learn anything from Tom & Jerry that would protect them from any real danger. These things are better learned through interaction with the real world.

What kids will learn at the very least is that it is socially acceptable to laugh at the misfortune of others. That is definitely a learned behaviour. There is so many other things where kids could learn more productive things, why have them spend time with that?

Besides, the sensory overload from that style of animation is taking a toll on kids, they are typically not much use after 30 mins of that stuff. I’d rather have them watch something that leaves them with a thought or two.

Quite the exceptional cast for a movie that is more than likely going to suck and bomb.

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