Watch formerly homeless people make jackets that double as sleeping bags


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Having been homeless, this is seriously awesome.


I’m very impressed with the homegrown manufacturing that has been coming out of Detroit recently. Detroit Bikes, Shinola and The Empowerment Plan are doing great things.


I see these being re-marketed as Woodsman survival gear.


They’d also be useful emergency gear to keep in the car in case of a cold-weather breakdown in remote places.


For $100, you can sponsor a coat for a nonspecific person or for a specific person through their website.


Capitalism to help the homeless and providing useful stuff? I see some potential here.


Right now, I think that they want their output to be directed where it’s most needed. In future, though, maybe they could use the OLPC model: Buy one (at $200) for yourself, and you’re also paying for a second one to be donated to the community.

ETA: maybe the people donating the materials wouldn’t be so happy about that plan, though.

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