Watch Freddie Mercury's never-before-seen "Time Waits For No One"

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Can someone explain the title “Time Waits For No One” but the lyrics are “Time waits for nobody”?


It’s not even my favourite song from that album. I often skip it.

Yet seeing him sing it is different. I’m not wanting to skip it at all. He’s a natural performer - even just to a camera. The little twitches, the arm movements, the way he moves his head - he wants to draw the crowd close, to keep them focused on him.

I wish I’d been able to see him live. He was easily one of the greatest stage performers ever.


The final line is “no one”. I suspect that Freddie just changed the lyrics when practising, and no one had time to change the title. :wink:


I was thinking the same thing, but he does say “no one” a few times throughout. Mostly it’s “nobody” though.

I enjoyed the song, but some of the video cuts were distracting. I get why they were done that way. It was just a bit odd.


I was like, how did they get such good HD footage in 1986? Oh yeah, it was shot on film.

The song’s video was recorded in a four-camera shoot in 1986, and the original 35mm film was put away.

Clark, 76, restored the negatives to add video for this version and brought in Moran to record a new piano track.




Is this the new version of “big in Japan”?

I saw that title and thought of this Jackson 5 song:

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They recorded it with “no one” one day, and re-recorded it the next day with “nobody”

Then they said “What a difference a day made!”

When they realized their mistake with the title, they said “Ain’t it a shame”


It could have just been a flub in the studio but the take could have otherwise sounded so great that it just stuck.

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I was hoping for a cover of the Stones song.

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Who would attempt to top that solo at the end? I’m not even gonna look it up and find out. I’m not a fan of covers unless there’s a significant change that transforms it (sorry Carpenters, I prefer Luther’s version of “Superstar”).

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