Watch freediver Andrey Matveenko descend 119 meters on one breath

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So, at the end, everyone around him is holding their hands up. I had to check out what was going on. It turns out there’s an interesting debate about the “Surface Protocol” in this sport. When the diver surfaces s/he is supposed to take a few breaths, remove hir nose clip, produce the tag grabbed at the bottom, and say “I’m OK.” Those words exactly. That completes the dive. If the diver fails to say that, then s/he gets a red card and the dive is a “fail.”

Some divers come to the surface, say “I’m OK” and clearly are not, but they get the white card anyway. Or they are fine, but English isn’t their first language and they say “I’m fine,” or “I’m good” and get a red card.

Interesting sport.


I was curious, thanks!

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But, competition is an out-moded form of human endeavor.

No - Diving shouldn’t be competitive. And surface protocol is for safety, while it could be part of the sport it is derived from SOP.

What this diver does with their body is nothing short of astounding.

So what? Patrick Duffy used to do this every week for like an hour when I was growing up.

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