Watch: Freeway overpass not-so-gently removes too-tall van being hauled atop a truck

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Boom. There was a cloud of dust

And a hearty “Hi Yo, Silverline!”


But were they read their rights?

I’ll see myself out


not if Clarence Thomas has his say!


That van didn’t stand a chance. They call it a freeway…but there are limits. I blame the parents.


I bet that vehicle following closely behind the truck will stay far away from now on. I’ve always heard the “Three-second Rule”, but apparently it used to be taught… “you should leave one car length of space for every 10mph of speed”. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I’d be too afraid to follow soo closely behind that double stacked truck anyways. Then again I don’t tailgate in general.

too close dylan GIF by Leroy Patterson


No, that was just waiting to be said, that’s some serious nominative determinism being laid out for the pickings


Came to make similar comment. Man with dashcam is a good distance further away from his son than his son is from the nitwit unaware of his load height. A safer following distance might well have reduced the damage to his Toyota or avoided it entirely. Not victim-blaming - this guy was the victim here, but he contributed somewhat to the scale of his own victimhood.


“Your Honour, my client was never properly read their rights, so the charges must be dropped. An Indiana Miranda is not valid in the state of Florida.”

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I’m glad they called out in the news coverage that no one was hurt in this incident.

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To be fair, the issue was that the overpass was undergoing either repair or construction, and had scaffolding and other materials around and underneath it, making it artificially low, compared to the first section of overpass that the van cleared, at least that’s what appeared to be the case. Terrifying for those close behind, but a beautiful bit of quick avoidance by the gent with the dash cam.


Ah - they used the wrong kind of ‘warning beam’, and it was in the wrong place. :wink:

(They need to talk to the 11’8" + 8" bridge people.)


I taught my kids about the 3 second rule when I taught them to drive. After a while it becomes second nature. My kids will sometimes time me to see if I’m following my own rules. So they like to tease their old man-- but they don’t tailgate, so I’ve got that going for me.


Bollocks. The headroom under the overpas was still within the minimum clearance outline. The stacked load wasn’t. There are codes for this sort of thing for a reason.


This! The top van didn’t just brush the bottom of the bridge. That van hit the bridge at least half way down.

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