Watch: Game of Thrones water show at Bellagio looks pretty amazing

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Winter already came to Vegas this year.


Convenient, I’ll be staying at The Bellagio starting this Saturday! WOOT!


Looks kinda, I dunno… mоist?


I too will be in that crazy town - my annual tradeshow ritual, 24th year now!

Looks cool, haven’t seen them back project onto the water before.


Ooooh you’re one of the NAB two-decade-plussers, eh? Not bad not bad, this is lucky 13 in a row for me. Now, we’re both youngins compared to the 30-plussers! :slight_smile:

True dat - I think my boss is on his 43rd… :grin:

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It makes me realize how much I like the architecture and models in the title sequence, though. In 2000, my plan to check out the features of the newer casinos (and the restaurants) led me to visit Vegas twice. It took a lot longer than expected to tour the major hotels, outdoor performances, and exhibits. One of these days, I might go back to see a show.

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Meh. They didn’t lob wildfire into the pool.

Paid for by HBO, no doubt. Keep in mind it’s just advertising.

Of course. But where is it written that advertising can’t be entertaining art?

Also, the flames at the end evoke the Battle of Blackwater. The water around the flames even looks green. I assume that’s intentional since the Belagio keeps its world-famous fountains very clean. But even if unintentional, it was cool…


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