Water bottles left on-set in final episode of Game of Thrones

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A mоist scene?


Single-use plastics caused the extinction of the dragons


Explains everything!


Either the producers were hell-bent on finishing the series ASAP, or these are clues to a follow-up series involving time travel.


As long as it’s Valyrian plastic, I’ll allow it.


Will they edit them out for the book?


I was very confused by that scene. Wasn’t it supposed to be winter?


It’s as if they’re thirsting for republicanism and representational government, lol.

Seriously, though, the part where Sam gets laffed at is pure comedy gold. Nice to see the swells aren’t going to give an inch after all those years of bloodletting.

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I just know there is a joke in there about Jon Snow, bottled water, and the cholera epidemic centered on the Broad Street water pump.


Previous scenes were were not winter at all, just ash falling from the sky from the fiery destruction of King’s Landing.

Those water bottles weren’t a mistake, though. With a potentially hostile dragon flying around, who knows where, you’d want to have the ability to quickly moisturize yourself.

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We debated that. There was one closeup that had a white flake falling on Daenerys’s hand and it seemed to melt. Maybe they used practical snow effects to sub in for ash.

There was a scene at the end of last season showing that winter had come to King’s Landing, with snow falling.

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At least they did vote among themselves for the next ruler. That was an improvement over what they’d been doing before, so baby steps…


I havn’t seen the episode yet, but unless Jon Snow was prancing about in a budgie smuggler I do not know what you are getting at.
For example where I live it can get cold AF yet it won’t snow. Closest we might get is a heavy frost.

I was under the impression since it’s over, no point in talking about it eh?

This reminds me of The Making of ‘…And God Spoke’ (spoof documentary of the making of a Bible movie). One scene has one of the apostles wearing a wristwatch. All manner of foul-ups taking place.

Plus, winter and all.

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