Watch: Gentleman Harrasses Bull Moose and is Miraculously Unharmed

This gentleman had a hold my beer moment with a bull moose. The moose was not amused, but in a moment of indecision, decided on flight rather than fight.


We differ on our definition of “gentleman.”


I’m using the BoingBoing definition.

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That one was probably low on charge and was ready to go back to the factory for a fill up.


Ah, “idiot”


jca, do you need to be told not to harass an animal that’s working hard for its life every day, that’s probably carrying a full load of parasites, could have diseases, etc.? Its life isn’t hard enough without being attacked by a douche?

And I get that moose are hunted, and even just for their damn antlers as trophies, and that’s worse than harassment.

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