Watch: Geometry teacher breakdances for caramel apple pie

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Dope teacher, he looked rusty, might’ve just been the lack of space and what he was wearing. Props to him for not hesitating to bring the heat though, get you that pie.


the impressive thing is he did it in a dress shirt, slacks, and tie.


To this math teacher, every day is pie day. :exploding_head:


I’d do a lot of things for a good pie…


He’s brave doing that on terrazzo.


That’s a good teacher, all right. :slight_smile:

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I mean some people pay extra for that kind of action…

Lovely. I seriously wish I had teachers like this.
And while that was not the most impressive break dancing I’ve seen, damn.
Considering the circumstances and well, that he’s a middle aged white guy, that was awesome.

P.S. Is it racist that I don’t expect sweet moves from middle aged white people?

Hey that’s my bit!

I remember my grandma waking me up at 6am asking me what kind of pie I wanted. I have no idea how that woman had so much energy, she like never slept.

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I’d say those kinds of moves are something i wouldn’t expect from a teacher of that age. I kind of follow breaking (a tiny bit to be honest) but from what i’ve seen the mix of people that break is pretty varied so i’ve never had a preconceived notion of what a breakdancer looks like.

I don’t follow breaking, but I do know a couple break dancers. Both are white and under 30.
It’s just that whenever I see middle aged white people dancing, it’s… occasionally endearing, but almost always very awkward.

Might be true, but then again i’m Latino and can’t dance so i don’t have much room to judge lol.

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Oh I’m white and dance as bad as the stereotype says I would.
But that never stopped me from judging.
Though I don’t mean to be mean. I think everybody should dance regardless of their ability, because it’s fun. Personally, I love horrifying people with my “moves” at raves :grinning:

Last time i danced with abandon was after drinking half a bottle of rum with a friend and then going over to a country bar (i don’t even like country music
). I remember the evening up to the instant me and my friend got on the dance floor, everything else after that point i don’t recall which is probably good. All i know is that my legs were sore the next day.

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There’s a contingent of white GenXers who learned to break dance as preteens or teens. Teacher probably hasn’t practiced his moves since he was in his 20’s, but muscle memory is quite a thing.


Yeah, alcohol does that.
Although once, a couple years ago, I went to club and refused alcohol the whole night.
After dancing for 4 hours straight I was feeling quite high, endorphins maybe?
Remembered everything for once, but never dared to try again. Getting comfortable and letting it all out while sober is quite hard.

Edit: my profile picture was taken that night. I do look high :grinning:

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That makes sense. I heard break dancing was a quite a big thing back then.
Either I wasn’t born or I’m too young to remember those days though, so the thought didn’t cross my mind.

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The inexperience of youth is what the teacher was preying upon to earn his pie. :wink:


Somehow, I don’t think it’s gonna make much difference if we arm that guy.