Watch George Lucas tell off professional autograph hounds

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They’re not fans. How do I know? Because real fans never miss an opportunity to tell me off about the prequels.


Clearly he has the moral high ground, having a career that is free from succumbing to the desire to make a quick buck. /s

As a real fan, were I to meet Lucas, I’d tell him off about More American Graffiti.


"…because they’re “here to make money. They’re not fans.”

I don’t think greed and cultural fanaticism are mutually exclusive.


he’s a little late/hypocritical on the whole “Just here for the money” angle, but i have to agree that he’s right.


George Lucas telling off autograph hounds:

Lucas (waving his hand): "You don’t want my autograph."
Hounds: “Okay. We don’t want your autograph.”


Lucas donated the four billion dollars he made from the Disney sale, or 80% of his net worth, to charity. And at no point in his career did he make money off scalping.


I’m aware of his philanthropy, but isn’t he just trying to make up for Howard the Duck?


If I was in a position where people wanted MY autograph and I was tired of it, I would carry around a small ledger pad, flip the script and ask for THEIR autographs.
After getting a couple of fans to give ME their autographs, I would raise the pad in the air and gleefully shout “I got their autographs!” Then I would leave, thanking everyone for their autographs.


Even if you’re right, going against someone with a moral deficit does not make one virtuous. Lucas has had a debatable career. These assclowns are boils on the asscrack of Hollywood.


More like leeches. Them and the paparazzi.


Ironically, in taking out time to tell off the autograph hounds/paparazzi that he wasn’t going to give them their $200 worth of autographs-- he gave them an interview worth much more than $200 that they could market to TMZ. That’ll show them!!

I’m not so sure about his “I’m a Billionaire and So Can You!” line.

And he’s got to work on his response to Mark Hamill getting a Hollywood Walk of Fame star: “That’s fine.”


Yeah, they’re dicks. For the record, I love Lucas’s work, both his successes and his failures. I especially love THX 1138 and American Graffiti (Star Wars and Indiana Jones are good too, of course).

One thing I’ve always wondered is: who actually buys autographs? They seem like the most boring form of memorabilia.

Also, is that a TARDIS in the background, or just a portable toilet?


Ok, from now on, every time I go into a blue portable toilet, I am going call out: “It’s bigger on the inside!!”


What? No “Late stage capitalism”? I am disappoint BB.


If the chameleon chip was working, it could be both.


So they are just like George Lucas! It is true…they can see their own kind!

I would have been impressed if he said something like:

“I don’t work for free, I am barely giving a fuck away
So tell beggin’ Johnny and Mommy to get the fuck away”

. . .thus inflating the value of the autographs he does give. If I were a celebrity, I would develop a tiered autograph system. There would be a low-value, common autograph, a less common medium range autograph, and a super rare autograph that is mostly for friends and family, with just a few out in the wild to establish provenance.

Cormac McCarthy signed 20 copies of The Road and set those aside for his son. Those are the only autographed copies there ever will be. McCarthy suggested that when his son is of age, maybe he can use those copies to fund a trip to Vegas or something.

Picasso included drawings of his dachsund Lump in a number of letters to friends. He only outlived Lump by 10 days.


In addition to my suggestion above of getting the autographs of the autograph-seekers instead,
I would also carry around a pile of pre-printed business cards that said things like:
“Great to Meet You!” and then had a pre-printed autograph on them. Have several “editions” printed up in advance and mix them up so they appeared to be different.
Hand them out like candy. Of course the pre-printed autographs would be totally different than my hand-written ones.

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