Watch: Girl tells InfoWars reporter he's a "f**king idiot"


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Raising your kids right. Teach them to tell fascist to fuck off!


Running around trolling people with their anti-transgender bullcrap and then he gets all offended by a curse word and a middle finger? What a snowflake.


Wow! I’m shocked!

… by how much of a fucking idiot that guy is.

…well, not that shocked.


is it really accurate to refer to anyone associated with InfoWars as a “reporter”?

This is the same group that suggests Sandy Hook didn’t actually happen, right?


That girl’s mother. She’s doing good parenting. I would like to buy both of them ice cream.


Should’ve told him that she learned it from Alex Jones:


“oh, wow–oh my gosh!!” Yes, she is correct.


Those pearls he’s clutching don’t really go with his bright red “Enjoy Nationalism” t-shirt.


Kids telling Infowars they’re fucking idiots is my favorite kind of content

Roger That! Might just make it out’a the tRump years with our collective souls intact.


I knew a guy who raised his son to not use curse words. That is, every curse word except for Bullshit. The kid was trained to spot Bullshit and then call it out when encountered. Another child properly prepared for adulthood! Teach your children about Bullshit today!


Raising your kids right. Teach them to tell fascist to fuck off!

sings “I’d like to teach the world to tell these fascists to fuck off…”


Watch: Girl tells InfoWars propagandist he’s a fucking idiot.


I think it would have been even funnier to blame Trump.


The George Carlin method… I dig it!


The spectacle of a grown man being all “oh heavens to betsy, you should wash your mouth out missy” is less endearing when you can guess the kind of aggressive, sexually violent response he would’ve used if this interaction had happened via his computer.


This girl is my hero


She is the most accurate reporter infowars has had on, ever.


I believe the slogan is 'We report, you decide we suck"