Moms for Liberty defends use of Hitler quote

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News Flash: You gonna die, and your kids are gonna do what they wanna do.


out in the open with this shit, and tell me again about these “culture wars” you say are being foisted upon you by…the left?


We’re probably reading too much into this. I mean, seriously, who here hasn’t ever put out an issue of a newsletter that just happened to have a quote from a genocidal racist dictator in prime position on the front cover? It’s probably, like, a typo or something.


Holy shit, they even gave attribution. No claiming “We didn’t know it was Hitler!” They are out and proud about it. Yeah, if the Nazis are your friends, you are a piece of shit. That is all.


They need a graphic designer, a proof reader and to fuck off.


if they can’t manage all three, I’ll settle for the third option.


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We’re not saying the Nazi stuff, we’re saying you’re saying the Nazi stuff.”


There’s nothing wrong with that newsletter that can’t be fixed by reformatting their hard drive.


That struck me, too. Usually it’s a quote, with no attribution. Then when they get called on it, they backpedal. Here? Quiet part out loud.


T,FTFY (only 'cause post can’t be empty)


Seriously, they love the rubber-and-glue strategy.

“No, big gov’ment believes in the Hitler quote, not us!”
“No, SPLC is the true hate group, not us!”

I despise this group on so many levels, but they take it up a notch by how incredibly uncreative they are.


In their mind they’re saying Biden is hitler and the democrats are nazis trying to control their kids.

But we know that they know exactly the message they’re sending.



Prepandemic, one of our local schools was heavily in the news due to a lawsuit over a transgender student being given a private changing room. Not mixed with others - their own, private, separate, changing room. That was the lawsuit’s content. It was brought by the parents of the student, who was a high school senior, after they graduated and heard about it. Important to note that the student had no part in the lawsuit and wanted nothing to do with it. Literally the parents filed because they felt their student had to have been embarrased or whatever whereas absolutely zero evidence existed in to that end.

It got a lot of attention, with some of our dumber downstate reps championing it as justice for student’s right and other gibberish. It was dismissed, mostly due to lack of standing, and quickly never talked about again.

I’m more than willing to bet a lot of these “moms for liberty” are either not parents or their kids are long since grown and they are inventing some fantasy situation in their head to protest about. I know the ones in my area all fit into that category and came screaming (pun intended) to power over mask restrictions. They forced the school district to buckle on the mandatory (also state funded and 100% free to the district) SHIELD testing and make it opt-in. It was amazing how many of the people testing didn’t get COVID but the non-testing ones were out.


Here’s what I think is going on here: the writers of this newsletter know their audience already is convinced that The Liberals are indoctrinating their kids, so all they’re doing is connecting the dots from The Liberals to Hitler.

We here on BoingBoing see this, we know that they are indoctrinating their kids, we know they are nazis, and so we are surprised at their brazen admission of naziism. We are not their intended audience, and we bring an entirely different understanding of the world to bear on their message.


From what I understand about the group, it’s sadly a mix of things. While there is a central leadership, each chapter requires there to be a pre-existing “parents group” before they can apply for M4L status. This means each and every chapter is really a collection of its locality’s conservative rabble-rousers/extremists, and so their makeup gets to be a bit more (although not extremely) diverse than what you described – which is very much present, mind you.

Central leadership will never call out their people who go too far. Partially because I think they appreciate their people testing limits but also because I don’t think they necessarily believe there is a too far. They also unfortunately have enough people in all areas of the group who are media savvy enough to know that things will blow over if they just wait long enough for the next story, such as a favorable one for them. Like DeSantis saying or legislating something cruel again.


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They think they’ve reached the tipping point where all “real Americans” will rise up to defend them and embrace fascism like they have.

Or, they agree with Hitler and wish to enact his policies regarding people they don’t like. The “projection” shit was a nazi strategy too.

No quarter for these chucklefucks. They want to embrace the far right, let’s call things are they actually are.

As a historian, I’d never argue that history “repeats”… however, history is a battle ground whose meaning is constantly being fought by people seeking to use it for their own ends. In this case, these are a group of far right people who agree with Hitler and his worldview, even if they try to deny it. All you have to do is look at who they are coming after and what they say about them.


Conservatives have been doing this for years. That’s why they always say, “Well the Nazis were socialists! So it’s the Dems who are the Nazis! Checkmate, libs!” This is just a more offensive version of that.


it’s the “control” part that’s core to their awful view: “we control our children, not you.”

no. just no.

you care for kids, you educate kids, you help them grow.

unfuck these people’s whole worldview