Watch "Holy Ghost People," a documentary about a snake-handling, tongues-speaking, faith-healing church in Appalachia

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snake-handling, tongues-speaking, faith-healing church in Appalachia

I dunno. I have more important things to do with my time than watch an hour of idiots.

Directed by pioneering gay filmmaker Peter Adair,

Leave out the “gay” next time? Unless Mr. Adair requested it?

…Tall white straight male just made a comment.

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For what it’s worth (slightly less than two and half groats) at the ‘dawn’ of Christianity (Saul/Paul running around the northeastern Mediterranean) speaking in tongues was nearly always the opening act. That is, spirits going in and spirits coming out was the main selling point and distinguishing feature; and/or whutsup with that whole “Holy Spirit” third wheel in the trinity? Later, especially shiny priesthoods seemed to think it lacked decorum and control, so it faded and ritual ascended where formality (~Catholicism) ruled. sad really… always liked the old timey magic tricks, (“well you still have the whole transubstantiation schtick …but that’s all hidden in the priest’s mouth (and most couldn’t even tie a cherry stem into a knot)”)

My imaginary friend in the sky is better than your imaginary friend in the sky…


Dude, issue 11 of my ‘zine is about this film!

Peter Adair, the filmmaker, made the film to understand religion. It is a sympathetic look at a Holiness church in Appalachia that runs a bit like an acid trip, with waves of ecstatic behavior washing through the congregation. His later film, “Word is Out” explored what it meant to be gay in America in 1977. We lost him to AIDS: rest in power.




“HA!! Where’s your savior now?”

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