Watch how a heavy anvil floats in a vat of mercury

It’s all about choices and tradeoffs in life.

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I’m suddenly picturing Steve Martin in some terrible mashup from Little Shop of Horrors and SNL. :thinking:


I once worked in a chemical factory that produced cleaning and etching solvents (as their IT guy, never had to even look at the factory floor except through my office window), and learned many things about how chemicals in large quantities are stored.

Did you know that the scene in the old Batman movie where Batman knockes Jack Nicholson off a gantry over a massive vat of acid (turning him into the joker) is actually realistic as far as the gantry over the open vat of acid is concerned? I got to take part in the all time BEST tech support call to Blackberry because of that. You see, one of our sales reps was standing on the gantry over the vat of acid talking to someone, and knocked his blackberry out of it’s holster, into the vat. It didn’t even hit the bottom, it was just foam. They skimmed it off the top, put it in a jar, and then passed the problem off to us while they made sure it hadn’t contaminated anything.

The Blackberry people were … confused … no, the phone account needs to be transferred to a new phone because the old one was destroyed. Well, it’s not even phone-like anymore. Send it back to you? Well, I suppose we could ship the jar we skimmed the foam into, what are your hazzardous materials clearances and certifications?

But yeah, huge vats of acid, with gantries over them to walk on.


Land shark dentist?

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How do we know that is really a steel anvil? Maybe it’s one of the inflatable ones?

Let’s go, guys. Use your critical thinking skils.


The pyramid of soil which they believe is the tomb, has been ignored by the Chinese government for generations, for political reasons apparently. However, the cropland around it has dramatically higher levels of mercury in it, which suggests the tomb does indeed contain the stuff and it is leeching out.



I have replaced the GIF with the original vid. Thanks, Crispy!


More Theodoric of York singing the song “Dentist!”


How do you dispose of that much mercury?

In the current administration, you take it to a national park and dump it on the ground near one of the new fracking sites.


I’m inclined to believe the whole video is an AI generated deep fake. In 5 years I’m pretty sure the “internet” will just be AI generate with the help of my video card.

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And, putting the boss in Amboß, the German version:

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Nothing worse than stealing content. So true. Well nothing except maybe using the power and riches of the nation you were elected to serve to enrich only yourself and maintain your position of power. Maybe that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I digress.

We need to just make swimming pools full of mercury so no one will drown. I mean, duh.


My only density. (C’mon BB’ers! Pick it up!)

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