Watch how this woman wins contest after she devours entire cotton candy in 3 seconds


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Genius move, and a smile that says “That wasn’t cheating.” :joy:


She looks like the cat that ate the canary.


In a previous life, she was a hamster


Her expression prior to snatching the candy off the stick said, “I got this baby nailed!!”



The rawest of comedy. She goes from prim to savage to prim again so fast.


Like cats!


Seen on Reddit about a month ago.


Dare I suggest a round with sausage? :joy:


That’s nothing.

See how quickly she gets diabetes.



It’s even better in reverse.



I bet she said she would only take one bite


This made for a nice unicorn chaser, after your earlier video of people flying off the ski lift crash! Cotton candy gobbler chaser…


I said I would never marry again, but some one who loves cotton candy and who is that clever in devouring it might make me change my mind.


When you’ve devoured enough souls, cotton candy is easy.


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