The raccoon learned not to dunk cotton candy in water


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I like how the first one is: what the fuck happened? What the fuck happened? The second one is: oh, fuck, that happened again! And the third one is: no, that is not fucking happening again.


For those interested, here’s the full two-hour show called ハッピーあにまる2016, the raccoon segment starts at 56:41 of part 1
part 1: (actual show starts at 0:41)
part 2:


Have the people learned to stop destroying the raccoon with that garbage food?


Inside the raccoon’s mind:


Teachable moment/Raccoonable teach?

I learned something.


I wonder how old a human has to be to learn this at the same rate? 2 trials to success seems to place the raccoon well above an infant; but well below ‘sugar of heroic surface area will be pretty soluble, so I won’t try that’.


The raccoon probably didn’t need to display profanity like a childish idiot.


If only I had learned about relationships that quickly.


I hear what you’re saying, but imagining a raccoon using a bunch of expletives gives me the giggles.


This makes me so happy!



#atl said a swear!!!


son, you’re too loud. SHUT THE FUCK UP.



Someone else did it first!!


Well, it’s not science unless it’s repeatable.


At this learning rate, I am considering hiring a bunch of raccoons and teaching them C#.


So Raccoons are smarter than most Humans, it appears.


Raccoons are super smart, and if this raccoon had a baby with it, or if another raccoon comes along later that this one is friendly with, the new raccoon won’t have to learn from trial and error. The one who knows will teach the other.

This is how they get so good at breaking into garbage cans. One learns the trick and they teach others and the knowledge spreads quickly. Gotta love them. :slight_smile: