Raccoon tries to wash cotton candy, but it dissolves instantly


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Fucking cotton candy. How does it work?


This really puts things into perspective for me.


I find this strangely touching for some reason…


˙How can something so sweet lead to such bitter disappointment??


What I want to know is would he do it again or learn from one instance of vanishing goody?


Worse, it’s scoop of ice cream fell off the cone and on to the ground. And then it’s balloon floated away!


I’m going to have to use this the next time the 2008-ish financial meltdown comes up in conversation.


On the subject of raccoons, I have to mention one of my personal heros… the woman who made a suit of food to feed raccoons.


I saw that too.


This is what happens to a college degree when you start looking for work.


Thank god. Obviously those poor fat balls were starving.

Also, was “rabies suit” already taken when they named it?

PS - I actually like racoons. I have some around my apt. Took a cute pic of one poking out at the storm drain looking at me.


You can always take your Art History degree to Starbucks. “This person’s barista material!” they’ll shout.


I suspect that, if humans dipped food for increased tactile experience(and had historical access to cotton candy), this scene would have featured instead of the references to feeding on ashes from Isaiah 44:20 and about a zillion later instances.

We don’t really have a word for ‘to evaporate into ephemerality at the very moment of expected deepening of sensory experience’(the Germans could probably agglutinate one); but I bet that it’s one hell of a downer to experience.


Raccoons wash their hands (and, incidentally, their food) because raccoons that did it in the past were more likely to survive to reproductive age than those that did not.

In other words, for exactly the same reason humans do it.


Reminds me of dating.



Practical jokes of the animal kingdom.




I felt sad when they rolled her in the river to wash and she drowned.