Raccoon tries to wash cotton candy, but it dissolves instantly

My first thought was also for the emotional state of the raccoon.

I hope the person who took the video threw the critter some non-water-soluble morsel.


I’ve had multiple raccoons come in to multiple houses and sit there soaking the cat’s food in the water dish next to it. One time it was a mother with her three cubs, teaching them all to do it. I tried scaring them off with a broom, and she faced me down while her cubs made a break for it. They never really seem that scared of me, even when they’re in my house, and I can see why. I just sit there thinking “he wasn’t moving that fast. I could totally have kicked him if I wanted to go to the emergency room and get a rabies shot.”


Although probably somewhat brighter than a sphex wasp, I doubt only one lesson would clinch it.

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I’m not usually one for animal cruelty, but I think this called for one of those Airsoft plastic pellet guns. They needed to learn a little fear, don’t you think? We have our cat door in a window 5 ft up a cement wall. Not a problem for the cats (yet) but more than a coon or pussum can jump.

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Never tried it with my pet raccoon, but the horses usually had a surprised look when I gave them cotton candy…


You had/have a pet raccoon?

From when I was around 5-7 yrs old… We had to get a fur farm license to make it legal. She was orphaned when the mother racoon got hit by a car.
Mom gave her away after she bit mom’s wrist - she wanted a car ride, but mom was in a hurry and tried to toss her out (she didn’t break the skin).
I basically spent all day climbing trees with her.


This is the perfect metaphor for my life.

I feel you, little buddy. I feel you.


or a scientist…


To everyone dealing with raccoons (or possibly coming into contact with feces etc…) be aware that most of them carry Baylisascaris Procyonis which, in the raccoon is not much more than your standard ascarid roundworm. In humans it has the nasty habit of not wanting to stay in your GI tract and migrating to your spine, then eyes or brain.

The last CDC study I read noted that somewhere about 90% of wild raccoons juveniles carry this fun little beast.

General info:

Roundworm Encephalitis in humans:


I’m pretty sure that ‘Ocular Larva Migrans’ should be a nerd/grindcore album, not something that that happens in patients. Thanks a lot, best of all possible worlds.


It’s official… The pizza eating rat’s 15 minutes of fame are up.


AKA North American Trash Panda.


Or you choose your university with care and join the British Royal Family. Though that’s a bit like being a barista, but with an income of millions.

That’s rather sad. If nothing else works our dog will grasp you gently by the hand or wrist to get attention. To expect a wild animal to domesticate completely in the first generation is a bit unrealistic.


This ingenious re-branding is probably the best news the wild panda* population will ever receive.

*terms and restrictions may apply, price and participation may vary, As used for storage capacity, one megabyte (MB) = one million bytes, one gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes, and one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment.

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Pretty sure this is not the best of all possible worlds as Natalie Dormer has not yet professed her love for me whilst hand delivering my winning lottery ticket.

But yeah, parasitology is a pretty good field to start to question if we could possibly be in the worst of all possible worlds (or at least close to the scariest/grossest):

(and I shouldn’t have to warn anyone how disgusting this video is going to be/trigger warnings etc…)


She also had destroyed the screen door a couple of times when she was trying to get into the house and had a couple other “strikes” against her at the time.


I initially read this as a reply to the comment immediately above it:


Oh, I don’t have to watch.

One of the spouse’s cow-orkers had one in his arm, and he was like “hey I’m a gonna squeeze this pimple” and the botfly larva was like PEEKABOO STOP DOING THAT RIGHT NOW.

So he went around showing people in the lab. “hey, lookit this - PEEKABOO! SURPRISE!”

To be fair, many of the people he involved in that horror show were entomologists. But still!