Watch how to etch glass with vinyl stencils and sand


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I think I only watched the whole thing because how chill the music was.


For those of you who would like to give sandblasting and sand carving a try, you don’t need an expensive plotter to get started. This photo resist - - works just as well as the vinyl material in the video. You’ll need a decent art program for your PC and a light table for exposing the resist.


Yep, that summer I worked in a sign makers workshop I did a lot of vinyl weeding


That subtle graduation was very nice work. I never would have guessed that was how it was done.


How does that sandblasting material not totally eat away at that vinyl covering?


The vinyl is flexible, it just bounces off. I’ve etched designs in glass, though I had to cut out the mask with an Xacto knife; very tedious. You have to be careful not to blow off the vinyl with the air pressure, and to not cut too deep; you can go right through a sheet of glass in about 30 seconds.


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