Chemistry flask lamps


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Gale Boetticher would swoon.


These are cool, but… hmmm, mb a smart person could figure out how to make these for less than that price?

Looks like some stuff you could find at a half-way competent hardware store (cloth covered cord excepted, but I bet you could find it easy-like on amazon). The Erlenmeyer flask is easy, maybe the frosting not so? What etches lab glass? sandblasting, but on the inside? A fixture small enough to fit in the stopper, a narrow (non-LED! tsk tsk) bulb. Now I have designs on my Dad’s giant chemistry flask at home (under his microscope collection). Stuff it full of EL wire, or mb LED tape, no etching required.


is it a glass flask? the lab flasks made of Polypropylene are translucent


Rust-Oleum makes a spray paint for that, it dries semi-transparent. The lab stands and clamps can be had for cheap. I’d go with low-voltage LED lighting so you don’t have to worry about a big heat sink heating things up. Maybe then you could get away with just using a rubber stopper.


Indeed polypropylene would be even cheaper and won’t break when someone inevitably tips this over.

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