Watch how to make photochromic figurines

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For those who skipped that day of chemistry



For a followup, try it again with this:



nitrogens go boom!

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I tried to make pictures with the gum bichromate technique once, but I ran into my incompetence …


Polymerise is a very nice word.
Plus, I like this guys presentational style.

I think your pictures look good.


Obrigado. Thanks. I was not satisfied with the result. This technique is not very difficult, but you have to have the ability to master it

I remember when this could be done with Silly Putty:

PS: This one’s a keeper. It shows Jerry Orbach during his days singing on Broadway, well before ‘Law & Order’.


Hey, This is great!

I played with other substance a long time ago, and I was satisfied with the results.

I had some Hot Wheels (among other things) back in the day that would change color with the temperature. Do they still make things like that?

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that magnet spinning thingee - can you plunk in a blade-shaped magnet and use it like a blender? that would be cool - cuz magnets

Mama don’t take my Photochrome!
Leave your boy so far from home!
Mama don’t take my Photochrome away-aaaay!

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This was interesting even if i didn’t understand about 99% of it but i was far more intrigued by that little magnetic spin bar, what a neat tool. But you do get an interesting juxtaposition between some sublime science here and human stupidity here…

Unfortunately, it appears society is going in the direction of the latter because supposedly we’ve “had enough of experts”.

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