Watch how to make transparent potato chips


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Hey I follow this channel :slight_smile: I recommend it and he also does regular collaborations with Ashens, another awesome YouTube creator. They also have a joint channel called Barshens.


Holy lord this video is approximately 8 times longer than it needs to be


Also FYI: The MVK channel is there to motivate people who have little to no skills in cooking. There’s plenty of cooking channels and videos out there but Barry focuses in making it approachable, and he himself is usually learning how to do the recipe as well. If you find his video too long that’s a legitimate criticism, but i had no problem with it. If you prefer a quick video there’s loads of quick/short cooking how-to’s on Facebook and YT… which don’t interest me.


Absolutely unbearable.


Has anyone actually eaten one of these? One of the main attractions of potato chips is the greasy burst of flavor as you bite into one, even the baked ones.


I wondered the same thing about the pie. I’d rather have a dish that looks terrible but tastes delicious than the reverse.


I was wondering how he managed to get the lemon meringue pie so transparent, given the cloudiness of lemon, but he did it by not having any lemon in the filling. So it’s just sweet/sour gelatin. In terms of both texture and flavor, it doesn’t sound as good as an actual lemon meringue pie.

I get the impression the “overcooked” one tastes the best. Which makes sense, as it’s basically just a potato chip, and there’s a reason why they cook them that long.

Imagine some sour/sweet jello in a pie crust, with meringue - that’s the pie. I’d much rather have a lemon meringue pie, myself. These are neat experiments, but not something I’d want to waste time making or eating.


To summarize: make potato chips by forming a paste out of potato starch and water. Optionally, add baked potato flavor by soaking some baked potatoes in the water beforehand and straining. Optionally, cool the liquid overnight for no apparent reason before heating on the stove.

I would try different kinds of stocks. Additionally, I would try different kinds of oils and seasonings on the finished product.


Transparent? Pffft! I know how to make them instantly disappear.



Lemon juice can be used but he used citric acid and sugar instead, otherwise it would have been cloudy. The rest of the “meringue” is gelatin, so really it’s jello pretending to be lemon meringue pie.

His daughter asked if it could be done and he did his best to invent something that got as close as possible. I think that makes him an awesome dad, some people might be inclined to make it for fun. I don’t see why not… though same as you i would prefer a normal one :slight_smile:


It was probably leaked by some time traveler, and will haven thrown the future rights to the favorite snack food of 2275 into chaos.


It is, but people watch his channel for the host and his personality. It’s not one of those channels that just post interesting things or lifehacks hoping one will go viral.


It seems he’s continuing his “transparent” kick as he just posted a transparent ravioli video!


Yeah, that’s the thing - it’s sour but otherwise unflavored jello as a filling, not lemon meringue pie; it certainly doesn’t have anything like either the taste or texture of actual lemon meringue. One could make lemon juice less cloudy by letting the pulp particulates settle out, but all the other ingredients in lemon meringue pie filling would make it fairly opaque anyways (e.g. the egg yolk).
To be clear, I’m glad he’s doing these - they’re interesting and fun, even if the outcomes aren’t as tasty as the traditional versions. There might be something here to apply to another dish, though.


There’s definitely room for improvement. I would be interested if someone experienced took this to the extreme and made the best version of this clear pie one could make, i’m curious what that would end up like :slight_smile:


Great, except the ‘overdone’ brown puffed chips are the best result of a starch-based dry’n’fry chip.


“it’s like eating glass” that’s the best endorsement I could have hoped for


That all depends on the type of glass.