Watch how to turn obsidian into a razor-sharp blade


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Technically, isn’t it significantly sharper than a razor?




I just like the word “obsidian.”




Gneiss. Aren’t rock names the schist?


Ah you fucking geology nerds. If we are making rock puns, I am in like flint!



Winter is coming.


Yes, the edge can be as thin as a single molecule.


I only use obsidian now. I’m too sexy for my chert.


Came for the dragon-glass reference; leaving satisfied.


Once again, I’d like to remind people to be careful with flintknapping (or knapping obsidian, chert, quartzite, or old toilets). Archaeologists aren’t known for attention to workplace safety, but you really can do a number on your lungs with this stuff. I also know a couple of guys who’ve damaged tendons or nerves. That said, it’s a fascinating craft.


Is old toilets an extrusive igneous, like obsidian?


I have a carved obsidian letter opener from Mexico. Perfect for errant White Walkers.




Feldspat, Quarz und Glimmer - die drei vergeß’ ich nimmer.

Also, Pechblende.


The warning on silicosis is unfortunately good advice.

In defense of archaeologists; something isn’t really a workplace for them until almost everyone there is dead.


Only if you have volcanic diarrhea.


Ideally you don’t want to add any more bodies though. Actual conversations I have had include “I’m not going down there without ventilation. I don’t care if it was designed for people to enter; they were slaves.” and “If you’re going to examine mummies on the table, could you wipe it off before dinner?”