Watch a waterjet slice a perfect obsidian cube and some batarangs


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Just think, before YouTube people with hydraulic presses and waterjets had to toil in obscurity, unappreciated by the larger world around them. No more!


That is pretty cool.

You think you guys could make me one of these next?


Water jet? I think you need a diamond pick, noobs.

(Actually a pick, not an axe.)


Having seen plenty of flintknapped obsidian tools/flakes before (modern and archaeological), I’m sad they didn’t hold up one of those thin slices to the light so we could see all the beautiful striations!


Coincidentally i saw this video last week i think, it’s really cool :smiley: I was very surprised that they were able to cut super thin sheets of obsidian without it going off flying or breaking.




“…as well as repelling negativity in all its forms.”



Need a 4th axis for that. But entirely possible. Look up 4 axis and 5 axis CNC, to see vids of what I mean.


The object!


More amused than appropriate by the “Music: David Cutter” credit.


That polishing process rounded the edges, how is it supposed to open doorways to other worlds now?


What is that? I like it!


I have an obsidian letter opener from Mexico.


From the color, I’m guessing that chunk came from Glass Butte in eastern Oregon. Which I highly recommend if you’re ever in the area. The name isn’t hyperbole, it really is a hillside more or less made from glass with a thin layer of dirt on top. And it’s BLM land, so you can take up to 50 pounds* per day per visitor if you like.

  • This is going from memory from about 15 years ago, and the rules might have changed anyway.


They used it back in the 1950’s to keep rambunctious children obedient, although it actually had many uses.


What was it called?


It was called “The Object”.



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