Watch the Food Surgeon dissect a garlic bulb


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“Paula Deen to the operating theater, stat.”


Is this one of those ASMR videos?


I wonder how one gets a blade that sharp?


WTH did I just watch?
Any fool with a knife can cross cut a bulb, but a true surgeon would have disassembled it along its natural lines. Someone with standing should sue for malpractice.

@funruly, it’s a disposable scalpel blade (How it’s made)


Did you miss the knife sharpening thread?


Cool! I love How It’s Made videos.

What’s that at 2:33? Looks like an angle grinder…


No, I just finished it in fact!

While the scalpel blade is quite sharp, it’s still surprisingly difficult to cut through flesh. I’d like to try an obsidian blade some day, but they’re not very durable.


I never have trouble slicing into my fingertips with x-acto blades…


Yeah, don’t tell @SeamusAMurphy or @middlewaytao :smiley:


I think you’re doing it wrong.

The first step is to cover your finger pads with superglue. It’s fastest to just squirt it on your thumb and spread it around. You’ll know when it’s done.


Oh more times than I care to count. In a lot of ways I am happy miniature games are moving to almost all plastic.


I know a plastic cutting board looks more “surgical” but yeesh. Those things are awful. They nick easily, you can’t really sand them down, and they’re less sanitary than wood.


This is stupid and you should feel bad for liking it.


Eh, the guys in Goodfellows are better at this. Much, much thinner slices!


Well, that’s a grinding machine made specifically to sharpen that particular blade. Those blades are disposable, also, so long term edge holding is not a design goal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I am pretty sure I read somewhere that scalpels were acid etched to achieve a higher level of micro sharpness, that video didn’t show that…


Ahh I was mistaken, its surgical needles that are acid etched, not scalpels.


It is stupid, this is how to peel garlic.

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