Watch huge waves capsize a boat

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Ever have that feeling of accomplishment when you finally decipher the meaning of a piece of text written by someone using a jargon you’re not at all familliar with?


Boats capsize. The news here is that “Viral Hog” is a thing. I do not think viral means what it used to mean.

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no woman no cry

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It’s worthwhile to search out a few videos of Coast Guard Motor Life Boats which are designed to go through waves like this without staying capsized.

In most vessels* the center of mass is ABOVE the center of buoyancy. At some level, they WANT to capsize, but when they heel to one side, the center of buoyancy shifts (because more of the boat on one side is under water, and therefore providing buoyancy) and provides a righting moment.

*other than the aforementioned motor life boats and submarines.


Wow, those are fascinating. Thanks!

I didn’t know that surfers actually spoke like that.

Actually, I think the news here is that the people cheering would have probably done so whether or not the boat was manned.

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Humorous stereotypes aside, it should probably be mentioned that these guys and their filmers are a close knit and well-trained crew who take water safety extremely seriously.

They also have a lot of respect for the locals who let them play in their backyard and would be the first to come to the aid of anyone in trouble out there.

And lucky they can handle all that water! This 2min highlight clip by Owen Milne shows how difficult the entry was into some of the heaviest swells to hit Nias in years. All in-between the trees (and boat) adrift in the lineup. :open_mouth:


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LOOK! Someone’s lost their boat which probably cost them more than they can easily afford to replace and will cause them untold misery!

Huh huh, that’s hilarious!

before the aftermath

Digg still exists :confused:

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