Watch: Humblebragging Instagram models share tips, a parody

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Only joking, put the avocado toast down…



i hate the new economies. also, julie is brilliant.


Excellent parody. But OMG I could only last until 2:28. SO hard with the cringing. RIEEEGHT?


I only could get through about half of that before the reality based irony cut off my air supply.


Julie’s videos are always funny

Instagram shoots are a pretty common site in my area of Houston. Yesterday I passed a woman casually sitting on a park bench, with her photographer and lighting guy working hard to get just the right “chilling in the park” shots. Part of me desperately wanted to tell them all that there are actually meaningful things in life that aren’t superficial or fake, but why would they listen to a stodgy old man that doesn’t even have an IG account?


Very interesting at the end when she segued from satire into serious and then spokesperson for this week’s sponsor. I absolutely agree with her points about the damage done by Instagram’s culture of popularity and influence, but it would be careless to not acknowledge that the formulaic nature of YouTube videos (and perhaps content creators, to a certain degree) also follows it’s own culture. Certainly not in the same league as IG, but I honestly had a moment of questioning as she started talking about Skillshare to see if it was actually real.


I see, so she wasn’t still in character for a skit because i stopped watching shortly into that sponsor bit thinking it was just product peddling anyway. But you have to admire the reality warping level of irony making a skit about silly insta influencers for one half of the vid then shilling for some sweet sponsor cash in the other. I always wonder what the returns are for the companies from these little sponsored bits i see all the time or if it’s just a bezzle like ad-tech.

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