Watch: In this press conference, Rudy Giuliani's son Andrew stars as Will Ferrell

Somebody needs to cut back on the caffeine fueled drama.



That’s cute. It’s too bad both of them grew up to be such failures.

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This is his audition tape, anyways. He needs a new job - his last one was as “sports liaison” in the White House, being paid a cool $100k for a job for which he had no relevant experience. (But that’s alright, as the job didn’t seem to entail anything either.)


He forgot to say, “Go fuck yourself, San Francisco.”


What this numb nut doesn’t realize is that that this kind of treatment can, and already does happen to the rest of us. He’s only freaked out now because it’s happening to the previously immune wealthy white ruling class.


Yep. The same laptop the FBI supposedly has and is investigating. Gosh, I wonder which lie is the real lie now.


Is this the product of reproducing with one’s cousin?

When he says “continued polizacion (sic) of the Justice Department” is he admitting it was politicized under the previous administration?

Also-- kudos to the kid who walked by in the background, completely unconcerned with the clown show going on right in front of him. Ahhh New York City, don’t you go changing.

Thanks, that legitimately made me laugh out loud.


Sure looks that way.


I think it may be this one, marketed by grifters during the last administration as a "TRUMP White House Lapel Pin":


The image of Andrew is too low-res to be sure but the shape looks more circular than the Q on the other pin design.


Apparently it’s a thing with those assholes:


politicization of the Justice Department must stop

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I’m disappointed to hear that Rudy isn’t representing himself. We can only hope his lawyer is cut from the same cloth as Rudy.


See, this is the thing that bugs the moral fuck out of me.

Republicans have Fox news. They have access to the internet.

Any “proof” that they have? Could be easily released to the public, and the information could be debated. They could have multiple other information channels, reputable ones, ones that aren’t infotainment channels pushing fake news that “no reasonable person would believe” authenticate them. (And yes, if there was real, actual evidence of Hunter Biden doing crime, the left wing news sources would still fall over themselves to report on it, because it would be something that We Need To Know.TM)

But they don’t, they keep their precious, precious “proof” secret and hidden and refuse to release it to anyone. Which means that anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that it doesn’t exist. It’s like McCarthy’s dry cleaning list, or the evidence of the Iraqi WMDs.

I guess the thing that confuses me the most is how anyone could continue to believe the reich wing media when time after time after time and time again it is shown that they are lying through their teeth. I mean, even if they are telling you the lies you want to hear, at some point, it’s going to sink in that you sound like a moron if you keep using this information and relaying this information to other people. It’s like they don’t even have the decency to understand that they should be ashamed of their ignorance…


I just tried shrinking and blurring the two higher-res images of lapel pins to match the one on Andrew’s jacket and I still think it looks less like the Qanon pin than the so-called “Trump White House Lapel Pin.”

Interestingly, blurring the latter pin creates an effect where one of short stripes on the right blends with the dark ring around the seal to create a visual artifact that looks like the tail of a “Q.” Hard to say if the same thing was going on with Trump Jr’s pin.


Either way it’s a cynical way to signal his family’s loyalty to Trump, so it’s a distinction without much difference these days.


Is he morphing into Eric Trump?



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Is it just me or does that fluffy microphone have lips?

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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I think you mean “polization”, which is what he said.

The number of Republican failsons in this country is really unfortunate.